Angry Birds Evolution Pre-registration Available Now in US

The following title within the Angry bird’s sequence is coming. Angry Birds Evolution is new series of Angry Birds series. Angry Birds Evolution will launch in the United States this June. Angry Birds Evolution was launched on iOS since August last year, and it’s at the moment accessibleon the Play Store in European countries now.  You can pre-register for Angry Birds Evolution today, and gets free starter pack worth $7.99!

Collect Over 100 New Birds

Angry birds Evolution

Collect and assemble your team

Rovio Entertainment ever popular Angry Birds has grown to be of a popular, with many video games spanning totally different genres and billions of downloads. Just like original games Angry Birds, Angry Birds Evolution sees gamers pull birds to catapult then fire to the pigs. But in this time it’s working throughout in 3D area, not 2D again. Based on Google Play Store description, there are greater than 100+ birds to collect in the game. Then use in your team to defeat the enemy. birds can use super abilities and evolve into their ultimate form mode.

Additionally over 90 totally differentkinds of egg-stealing Pigs, to battle with birds. Such, pirates, ninjas and the dreaded Bacon Corp. There are additionally weekly events, you will additionally be capable to problemothers to player vs player enter tournaments. An XP level up system offers you one thing to work in the direction of, and there will probably bea lot of different challenges and rewards to maintain you occupied.

New Angry birds Evolution android apk

To pre-register for the Angry Birds Evolution and claim your free starter pack, you can download in the Google Play Store.

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