Can Windows 10 S Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

On May 2 at its special education-focused event, Microsoft revealed Windows 10 S to the world. This edition of Windows 10 allows schools, businesses and home users to use a version of the popular operating system that’s restricted to installing apps from the Windows Store. Can Windows 10 S users do upgrade to Windows 10 Pro? And is there any additional cost? Windows 10 S users can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro if they need more features. The cost of upgrading is currently still free for Surface Laptop users.

In an interview, Product Marketing Director for Windows UK, Robert Epstein said Windows 10 S users who have upgraded to Windows 10 Pro could not return to Windows 10 S. Why can not back to windows 10 S? Robert Epstein replied we do not guarantee what has happened while in Windows 10 Pro” says Robert Epstein.

This is certainly different as in upgrading Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10. Where users can still return to the old operating system for 30 days. Windows 10 Pro offers better capabilities compared to Windows 10 S. Because Windows 10 s removes some features like can not install software outside the Windows Store. So for anyone who has upgraded from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro, will not be able to come back again. But this is not a huge problem because all the features of Windows 10 S are in the Pro version.

Disadvantages and advantages Windows 10 S

Advantages and Disadvantages Windows 10 S

Some of The Advantages Windows 10 S

  1. Cheaper Devices.
  2. Faster Performance.
  3. Longer Battery Life.
  4. Stronger Security.
  5. Have All The Features of Windows 10 Pro.
  6. Can be Installed on All Devices PC and Laptop.

Disadvantages Windows 10 S

  1. The EXE app is not allowed.
  2. Microsoft Edge becomes the default web browser and can not be replaced with other web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Firefox.
  3. Must use search engine, Bing.
  4. Microsoft store is still quiet.
  5. Can not Downgrade to Windows 10 S

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