How to Read WhatsApp Messages Unnoticed Sender

As we all know WhatsApp messages will show double blue check mark that indicates the message has been read. And the sender will know that message has been read. This feature has an advantage as well as disadvantages. The advantage is you can find out if the receiver has read messages or not. Meanwhile, the disadvantages is if you do not reply to message sender, the sender might feel annoyed and think you have ignored him.

To avoid this situation, here are some ways to read WhatsApp messages without knew by sender:

1. Disable Option Read Receipts WhatsApp Messages

How to disable it:

  1. Open WhatsApp menu ‘Settings’
  2. Then Click  ‘Accounts’ and then ‘Privacy’
  3. Do not check the option ‘Read Receipts’

Disable Option Read Receipts

Disable Read Receipts is the easiest way to reading message Whatsapp without notifying sender. But disadvantage is you cannot see the double blue checkmark when someone has read your message.

2. Peep or Read From Notification Bar

Peep or Read From Notification Bar

Every time you get new messages on WhatsApp, notification bar will giving notice. Just swipe down the notification bar area from the top of the screen and you can read complete or incomplete messages from notification bar without open WhatsApp. And double blue checkmark will not appear as long as you do not open WhatsApp.

3. Turn Off WiFi and Data Connection

Turn Off WiFi and Data Connection

Once you get new messages do not immediately open the message. Turn off your WiFi and mobile connection. Then open the message. And double check mark does not appear as you read the message from the application cache or offline mode.

4. Install WhatsApp Widget on the Home Screen

Install WhatsApp Widget on the Home Screen

If you do not want turn off your phone’s data connection. You can install WhatsApp widget on the Home Screen. Read message via widget, and it not trigger blue check mark in the message. Even, you can reply that messages. But another problem is you can only view the text messages and emoticons only, while images, video, and voice messages can not.

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