What is a Chromebook, laptop or not ?

What is a Chromebook ?

What is a chromebook? Chromebooks is lot cheaper than conventional laptops. Chromebook is low-cost laptop and usually costing less than $222. Operating system for Chromebooks is Google’s Chrome OS. Chromebooks can start up in few seconds and offer thousands of apps. Chromebook battery life can reach over 10 hours and some almost 14 hours. Chromebooks designed to be primarily used when connected to the internet. And their also can work perfectly in offline mode. Chromebooks also have built-in virus protection and can back up your files while online.

Chromebook Interface

What is a Chromebook interface home desktop

Chromebook Interface

Chromebooks have user friendly interface like Windows OS.

Can I work offline with Chromebook?

Most Chromebooks can connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. But what happen when you can’t find Wi-Fi or 3G signal. Chromebooks can still work with offline, but with limited number of apps. Also you can write and read emails with Gmail offline. When you have connected internet, the offline apps will automatically synced and saved to the cloud. To set up offline mode you need additional plugins, because the offline mode isn’t enabled by default.

Printing and Scanning

Chromebooks cannot print documents in offline mode. So you must have Google’s Cloud Print Technology to print your files from Chromebook.

Chromebooks Specification

  • RAM: Chromebooks have 2GB of RAM and can upgrade to 4GB.
  • Storage Size: Chromebooks come with at least 16GB of storage. Some Chromebooks are available with 32GB SSD.
  • Processor: Chromebooks mostly offer entry-level processors that can easily handle word processing, emails, and multimedia. But lag to running 3D games and managing two tasks at once.
  • Screen Size & Resolution: Chromebooks are offered in several different screen sizes. The kit common is 11.6-inch but there are also 13, 14, and 15-inch options.
  • Battery Life: Chromebooks have long battery life. It’s not uncommon to find a Chromebook that can last 10 until 14 hours in once charge.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages: Chromebooks are cheap to buy. They have better protected against data loss, because your files are stored online in the cloud. Chromebooks have long battery life, which is more longer than average Windows laptop.
  • Disadvantages: Chromebook have little storage space, so you can’t keep files or your music collection. And you must have Wireless print technology to print your files.

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